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Are you tired of hearing how great your house will be cleaned, only
to find that the price and results left you offended and steamed?

Here at A Better Clean, we are dedicated to your needs...
pledged to accomplish them...
and guaranteed to make the grade.
For a small fee a team of 2 will
enter your home with a
Ray-of-Sunshine attitude,

dry dust, wet polish, sweep, vacuum and mop-shine
(*larger floors are pre-spotted by hand
first. Smaller floors done entirely by hand)

your entire home from top to bottom.
Also, we work from top to bottom and back to front,
taking the dirt with us when we leave.

'A houses' grime is what we're geared to find'

Our services include, but are not limited to:
» Bedroom(s)
» Bathroom(s)
» Kitchen
» Diningroom
» Familyroom
» Laundryroom
» Office/Den
and any other requested areas.

When we leave, your home will be left, protected under, our rainbow of cleanliness.

To schedule a free walk-thru or set-up a time and date for your first clean,
contact Rochelle at:1-715-661-8144 for Phillips, Prentice, Park Falls &
surrounding areas.

or at: 1-715-820-661-8144 to set up a time
for a free walk-thru.Estimate & Reference Review

or you can e-mail us at: a1betterclean@gmail.com

*,font color="blue">Rates are hourly and always include two cleaners.

(Homes outside of our regularly serviced areas will be charged $2.00 per mile
beyond our farthest serviced area, closest to their home.)

2 hrs. $50.00($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.)in-home time 1 hr. x 2 cleaners = 2 hrs.

3 hrs. $75.00 ($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.,)in-home time 1½ x 2 cleaners = 3 hours.

4 hrs. $100.00 ($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.)in-home time 2 hrs. x 2 cleaners = 4 hrs.

5 hrs. $125.00 ($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.)in-home time 2½ hrs. x 2 cleaners = 5 hours.

6 hrs. $150.00 ($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.)in-home time 3 hrs. x 2 cleaners = 6 hours.

7 hrs. $175.00 ($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.)in-home time 3 ½ hrs. x 2 cleaners = 7 hours.

8 hrs. $200.00 ($25.00 per cleaner, per hr.)in-home time 4 hrs. x 2 cleaners = 8 hours.

A few people have said that this is hard to understand.
Therefore, I will try and explain.

i.e., you ask for a 2 hour clean. One cleaner
works one hour on certain sections of the house and
the other cleaner works for one hour on other areas
of the house, thus creating 2 hours.
Yet, only in the home a total of the one hour.

I hope that was a little helpful.
If not, I assure you that once we have cleaned
your home, not only will you understand
our pricing methods but you'll be impressed with
the incredible genius behind the process, as well.
First time cleans (* with mention of site) are $10 hr
less than prices quoted above.

Can not be used in conjuction with other
discounts, coupons or special offers.

We also offer Referral discounts and Senior discounts.

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